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Instytut Kawy is a coffee roasting brand from Łódź, Poland, born from a combination of passion and experience. It's the collective effort of two enthusiasts and baristas: Maciej Giermaziak and Bartłomiej Biesiada. Instytut Kawy is a craft roastery. This means, no more and no less, that the focus is primarily on the quality and freshness of the coffee, and the entire roasting process is overseen by a skilled roaster.

The quality of the  coffee beans is checked both before and after roasting, and the coffee undergoes multiple tests (using cupping method) before it is ready for sale. The coffee is roasted in a Polish-made Coffed roaster, an air-flow device, meaning that practically all the energy used for roasting comes from the hot air pumped into the roaster, rather than from its walls.

One of the most important indicators of great coffee is its freshness, which is why Instytut Kawy does not store large quantities of roasted beans. Each pack is also labeled with the roasting date.

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