How do we pack gifts?

To make it easier for you to give your loved ones gifts, we have created a special gift wrapping department! So, when you place an order with the "Gift Wrapping" option, you are guaranteed to receive a beautifully packaged gift, which is ready to be handed over immediately after unpacking it from a protective cardboard box.

On top, we adorn it with a decorative wrapper and a ribbon, and we attach a matching note. The interior is lined with natural filler and tissue paper. If you like a specific decoration pattern, be sure to enter its number in the comment to the order. After the gift is prepared, it is placed in our standard carton box, so that it does not get damaged during transport. We have several sizes of gift carton boxes, but if the gift is large, the final look may be slightly different (eg large-size products will be packed individually).

If you are interested in ordering a greater number of gifts (eg for your employees or guests), please contact us directly by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: 730 88 25 25.