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FLAMQA x Coffeedesk - Candle
FLAMQA x Coffeedesk - coffee and candle people have joined forces to make your self-care moments even more enjoyable. The aroma of Brazilian specialty coffee obtained using CO2 extraction, blended with milk chocolate, vanilla and almond dust. A little tip regarding burning the candle: let it burn until the wax surface is completely melted, but no longer than 3 hours. Also remember to break off/trim the burnt end of the wick before next use. Enjoy! Characteristics: Top notes: specialty coffee, almond dust Heart notes: chocolate, vanilla Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood Burning time: 45 hours Net capacity: 180ml The coffee aroma was obtained by CO2 extraction. Box contents: FLAMQA x Coffeedesk rapeseed candle and long matches. FLAMQA is a Polish manufacturer of natural scented candles. They are made of locally grown rapeseed wax and natural fragrances. Rapeseed candle is not only safe for health, but also has the lowest carbon footprint. If you are looking for a scented candle as a gift, this natural candle in glass, packed in a neat box, will be a great idea.