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Hario Skerton PRO - Hand grinder

Hario Skerton PRO - Hand grinder
Price: 66,43 €
54,01 € + 23% VAT
hand grinder
Rating: 2,82 (Reviews: 22)
Hario Skerton Pro is the newest version of extremely popular Hario Skerton grinder. This version has a new, easily detached handle and a stronger grind shaft. It is also easier to adjust the grind, as it is regulated by turning a notch under the burr.
Hario products mean the highest quality of workmanship. Skerton is equipped with conical ceramic burrs which do not affect the taste of your coffee and are resistant to wear.

The lower tank is made of glass and is equipped with a non-slip rubber band and a lid that allows you to close the tank with your freshly ground coffee tight. You can dismount the grinder in a few seconds and clean it just rinsing it with warm water. Ideal as a gift to use together with Aeropress, French Press and any methods such as a dripper.
EAN13: 4977642707740
Brand: Hario
Grinder type: manual
Burr type: ceramic
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
Article number: MMCS-2B
Description: hand coffee grinder
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