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teapigs Matcha - 30 grams

teapigs Matcha - 30 grams
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Expiration date: 31.08.2022
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Looking for something to bring you back to life and you're not a huge fan of coffee? You've just found something perfect. Super-concentrated green tea to be served cold or hot called Matcha does miracle even to the most tired of us.

Perfect for hot days or when you need concentration and stimulation. Matcha adds a huge number of antioxidants that you will never in any other tea or fruit (137 times more antioxidants than in a traditional green tea!).

Package: 30 g
Expiration date: 31.08.2022
Description: Match is a 100% natural, organically cultivated green tea, finely ground, in a form of a fine powder. Japanese started drinking green tea for the first time over 900 years ago. It is used by Buddhist monks during long days spent on meditating and keeping watch. Drink popular in Japan made of green tea was frequently used by students preparing for exams due to its stimulating properties improving concentration. Now it is becoming more and more popular in Europe and it can be found at cafés, healthy food stores, and bars. We like to think of it as a sort of superhero amongst teas as it’s a super-concentrated green tea powder that’s packed with everything you need to feel good again in a healthy way.

Why is teapigs matcha the best? Matcha is produced by many producers in the world; however, not all are cultivated and collected in a proper way. Teapigs organic match is a genuine, traditional matcha, no compromises. That's why makes Teapigs Matcha the best: Tea o Teapigs organic matcha is of the highest quality. Matcha is produced, as any other product, in different quality classes. Teapigs selects only best leaves of green tea. o teapigs matcha is organic. Green tea used by Teapigs is 100% organic and posses a certificate of the Swiss IMO and Japanese JONA. Unfortunately, on the market you can find alleged organic matcha teas not holding any necessary certificates which does not guarantee the quality of product.

Leaves only are used to produce it. As we mentioned before, matcha is not always produced in a proper way by different producers. Some products contain ground veins and small springs which make matcha more bitter and its influence can be dimmed. Matcha Teapigs is produced only of leaves without any unnecessary and undesired additions and artificial fillers. How is it produced o 3 layers protecting from the sun. teapigs organic matcha grows not under 1 or 2 layers, but under 3 layers of protection from the light; thanks to this we obtain the maximum content of chloroform in leaves which boosts flavour and properties of the tea. Careful hand-picking and sorted. Sorting carried out by qualified workers guarantees that only youngest leaves are used to produce matcha and the quality of products is always the same.

Grinding in granite grinding disks: teapigs organic matcha is ground using traditional granite grinders in controlled conditions in order to prevent losing tea properties. o Laboratory tested. teapigs matcha undergoes laboratory tests in order to guarantee the highest quality of every batch. Everything is tested: starting with grinding size, to amount of nutritious properties, to the level of amino-acids in the tea. All this to make sure tat the tea you buy is the best we produced. Contains natural caffeine Remember, no cheap tea powder will ever offer you such taste experiences as teas with selected whole leaves.

Preparation: Add half a teaspoon per each portion of a drink and stir well.

How we like it? Experiment! We think it goes well with thick juices, e.g. fresh, cold orange juice is perfect. If you're not took keen on green tea but you appreciate health benefits of matcha, prepare a matcha shot: add half a teaspoon of powder to a small glass, add warm water and drink all at once. Matcha can be also used as an addition to milk cocktails. The package contains 30 g of Matcha; this portion is enough to prepare 30 portions of the drink.
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Brand: teapigs
Tea type: matcha
Loose tea / Tea bags: loose
Package: 30 g
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