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Comandante C60 Baracuda is the new, robust, high-performance manual coffee grinder with the biggest and most advanced burr set design Comandante has ever released. Velvet steel body version.


The C60 Baracuda is equipped with the largest and most advanced burr among Comandante grinders (2-3x higher thruput), making grinding consistent and fast. The burr is extremely precise, created using a high-alloyed, high-nitrogen stainless steel with a fine martensitic micro-crystal matrix.The burr material and design are the proud result of years of dedicated research and development at Comandante®’s onsite coffee lab.

Burr Geometry has been optimised to achieve excellent Bean Thruput with a reduced Crank Torque and at the same time deliver a refined Particle Size Distribution for best brewing results.

Grind Adjustment

Comandante C60 Baracuda is equipped with the new GX50 Gold Clix adjustment, which ensures exceptional precision and a multitude of grind settings. Comandante click system gives you full control for any brewing method and locks your preferred grind setting into place, helping you get the very best out of your roasted coffee and repeat the results again and again. With it you can brew delicious coffee across the full range of brew methods, from coarse settings for filter coffee down to super-fine settings for espresso and cezve/ibrik.

The fine GX50 thread of the Gold Clix drivetrain system allows for super fine adjustments of grind setting. With a vertical burr pitch of 41.6μm per click, the resulting change to your target particle size is around 21μm per click setting.


Comandante C60 Baracuda is also a new body design. Stainless steel is the right choice to build a robust and food safe coffee grinder. Here you get a new unibody construction, milled and crafted out of a single block of steel, for absolute stability and maximum drivetrain efficiency. It was created using  processes normally reserved for high-performance motor parts. The result is a bold and clear-cut design that perfectly supports the function.

Comandante also uses BPA-free high-performance polymers that meet the strictest food-safety standards. These materials are engineered to endure years of heavy use. Each grinder contains two jars for ground coffee: made of a clear and pink polymer. They are easy to clean and can hold approximately 40g of coffee. 

Comandante loves natural wood too. The solid oak handles, produced by friends in Germany’s Black Forest, are both wonderfully ergonomic and beautiful to look at thanks to oak’s unique grain structure. The C60 Baracuda is equipped with an XL crank with a Big Joe knob that make grinding even smoother. The grinding degree adjustment knob is made of brass. Comandante products do not contain aluminum.

The grinders are made in Germany and weighs about 1018 grams - it is a robust construction, maintaining a compact size.

What is new in the Comandante C60 Baracuda compared to the C40 MK4 Nitro Blade model?
- Larger, more efficient burrs.
- New unibody construction made of a single block of stainless steel.
- More precise GX50 Gold Clix grind adjustment with a brass dial.
- XL crank with Big Joe knob.
Brand: Comandante
Colour: srebrno-złoty
Grinder type: manual
Burr type: steel
Diameter: 6 cm
EAN: 4260113438855
Index: 2503000038
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