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Hario V60 Craft Coffee Maker - dripper + server + filters

Hario V60 Craft Coffee Maker - dripper + server + filters
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Hario Craft is a set of accessories for pour-over coffee brewing:

- V60-02 plastic coffee dripper
- 600 ml V60 coffee server
- 40 paper filetrs
- miarki do ziaren kawy.

This set makes a perfect gift for advanced coffee-lovers as well as for those who want to start their adventure with alternative brewing methods.


The plastic dripper provides durability and comfort if you want to use Hario V-60 when travelling. Plastic is also food-safe and provides great heat-retention when brewing. Its conical form and special grooves on the inside of the dripper provide excellent water flow.

To prepare delicious coffee, put the filter with ground coffee into the dripper and set it on the server. Slowly pour hot water into the dripper and wait for the brew to flow into the server. After a couple of minutes your coffee is ready!


Made of Japanese glass, with the shape matching the V60 series. Capacity: 600 ml. The handle is made of plastic.


Pack of 40 white paper filters. The filters provide proper water flow and do not influence the flavour..


The bean scoop makes it easier to measure out your coffee (8, 10 and 12 grams on the scale).

Packed in a carton box.

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