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Blend Tea - Sencha Currant - 15 Tea Bags
Our special blend of Japanese Sencha green tea, Formosa semi-fermented Oolong Tea and red currants, married to the natural sweetness of vanilla give this tea a soothing aroma and an unmistakable flavour. Try it now, before we run out of stock again! AROMA Enveloping scent of the sweet natural aroma of berries and vanilla. APPEARANCE Blend of Sencha green tea and Oolong tea leaves, punctuated with red currants. Intense yellow liquor. TASTE The vivacity of Sencha green tea and the body of Oolong leaves is immediately perceived. This mix of non-fermented and semi-fermneted teas both carries and balances the sweetness of red currant berries and vanilla. Full-bodied and rich, with vanilla becomimg more evident in the aftertaste. Sweet, warm and persistent finish. Ingredients: Sencha tea, oolong tea, red currant aroma.