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Baratza - Vario+ Automatic Grinder - Black (outlet)

Manufacturer: Baratza

Vario+ is a new version of iconic Baratza coffee grinder with a ceramic burr. Perfect for home use, both as an espresso and filter coffee grinder, will easily satisfy the most demanding home baristas.The Baratza Vario+ provides consistent grinding and great performance, which are essential in achieving top cup quality. BURRS At the heart of the Vario+ are durable 54mm ceramic flat burrs from commercial burr manufacturer, Ditting. The burrs are encased in an upgraded metal grind chamber to improve consistency, from cup to cup. DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL The front-mounted control panel with LED display is easy and intuitive. The Vario+ allows you to save up to 3 time-based presets for your automatic dosing so you can maximize your workflow. GRIND ADJUSTMENT Offering 220 steps of macro and micro grind settings optimized with an espresso calibration that can be customized, this grinder keeps its original multipurpose design, while allowing you to further hone in that elusive god shot. SHUTOFF HOPPER A 300g hopper with the ability to remove it from the grinder, while the beans are still in it, enabling easier changeover of beans! GRINDS LEFT IN GRINDER To maximize freshness, the Vario+ minimizes the ground coffee left in the grinder. With 2 LED lights you can check on your grounds bin or portafilter to oversee the process. BREWING METHODS & CALIBRATION The Vario+ is exceptional for espresso, calibrated at the factory to finer settings and manual brewing methods. The burrs can be easily calibrated using the special calibration tool that comes with the grinder. MOTOR A powerful, high torque DC motor effortlessly drives the burrs. This motor turns slowly resulting in cool, quiet operation and permits long grinding duty-cycles. The circuitry is equipped with an automatically resetting, thermal cutoff switch. PORTAHOLDER & GROUNDS BIN The Vario+ comes standard with a heavy-duty Metal PortaHolder and a regular 180g grounds bin. CLEANING Burrs are easily removable with no tools, making cleaning very easy.
Baratza Forte - AP (All Purpose) (outlet)

Manufacturer: Baratza

Burrs: Ø 54 mm, ceramic, flat Grinding adjustment (micrometers): 230-1150 Grinding adjustment options: 10 macro x 26 micro = 260 Grinding speed: 2.0 – 3.7 g/s Hopper capacity: 230 g Grounds Bin Capacity: 170 g Weight: 6 kg Forté AP (All Purpose) is a high quality grinder that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. In contrast to the BG model, it offers the full grinding range from coarseness to fineness (also for espresso) and is equipped in ceramic burrs. Burrs Flat ceramic burrs made in Europe. Their advantage is greater durability compared to steel burrs, which extends their lifespan even to double it. The maintenance of the grinder is extremely easy, as it takes just a moment to remove the burrs. Design The body is almost all metal, which gives it the elegant look. The option to close the hopper makes maintenance easy when you do not want to empty it. On the front there is an LCD touch screen to control the grinder. Operation Using the control panel, it is possible to control grinding for weight (with accuracy to 0.1 g) or time and the option of manual grinding is also available. You can also program special buttons of the control panel as an option. It is a type of the on-demand grinder, so grinding takes place on demand - coffee is ground immediately before brewing, directly into the bin or flask. Grinding adjustment The panel also includes grinding adjustment of fineness or coarseness. Forte offers 10 macro levels and up to 26 micro settings, which gives the total of 260 combinations. Forte AP is ideal for all coffee brewing methods - from espresso to French Press and alternative methods such as Chemex, Aeropress, dripper or a siphon. The grinder is able to grind up to 3.7 grams of beans in just a second.
Fellow Ode Gen 2 Brew Grinder Black (outlet)

Manufacturer: Fellow

Fellow Ode Gen 2 is an automatic coffee grinder for pour-over brewing methods. Prepare your V60, Chemex, AeroPress and whatnot! The new generation of award-winning Fellow grinder is here! What's new? Updated brew burrs (Gen 2 Brew Burrs) that were designed specifically for Ode by VP of R&D and Certified Q Grader Nick Terzulli. The Gen 2 Brew Burrs are capable of grinding as fine as 250 microns, while the Standard Brew Burrs that come stock in the original Ode Brew Grinder can grind as fine as 500 microns. Anti-static technology, which helps to reduce the static from freshly ground coffee. This reduces the retention of coffee grounds in the grinder from ~1g to as low as 0.1g, so there is much less grind mess than the original Ode Brew Grinder. A larger and redesigned hopper and catch cup that can hold 100g of coffee. Fellow Ode Gen 2 combines great design with functionality: The grind adjustment wheel is located on the front dial. You can choose one of 31 settings, depending on the brewing method you use: AeroPress, dripper, Chemex, French Press, or Cold Brew. Ode does not grind for espresso. Ode includes professional-grade, large, 64mm, flat, stainless steel burrs that provide even grinding on every setting. The second generation burrs offer new geometry that enables you to grind finer than the standard brew burrs. Higher  precision gives more control and makes it easier to achieve expected extraction and flavour of coffee. The grind size is 250 - 300 microns and up, compared to 550 microns in the standard ODE burrs. Finer grinding provides higher extraction and enables you to brew more balanced, sweeter coffee with a higher body. PID System guarantees stable and smooth work. Automatic shut off. The motor will turn off automatically after grinding. The system detects when the hopper is empty and turns off the grinder. The hopper holds up to 100 grams of coffee beans - designed as a single dose hopper. Also, it has been redesigned - now it as steeper angles to help feed beans down the chute for speedier grinding. The grounds container is made of aluminum. A magnet on its bottom makes it easy to place the container on the base of the grinder. A knocker known from professional grinders helps to get rid of all the grounds - in result, the retention of the grinder is extremely low. Quiet grind noise thanks to high-quality materials to ditching the noisy gearbox. The body is elegant and solid, made of aluminum and plastic. Small dimensions allow you to place the grinder almost anywhere. Dimensions (D x W x H) 23,9 cm x 10,5 cm x 24,8 cm. 220V, EU plug.  
Hario - V60 Electric Coffee Grinder (outlet)

Manufacturer: Hario

Designed to grind directly into a V60 dripper using a switch pad. The grinder boasts 44 grind-size settings giving you choice while grinding. This means that it is ideal for V60 and other pour-over brewing methods. The V60 grinder is capable of grinding at 3 grams per second without heating up the coffee beans and maintaining the fresh coffee taste in your cup. This is due to stainless steel conical burrs that shave the coffee beans instead of simply smashing them. The electric coffee grinder has 8 ounce / 240g hopper capacity making it perfect for both home and coffeehouse use. Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder Features - 44 Grind Settings - Grind for any Pour over Method - Consistent Stainless Steel Conical Burrs - Grinding Speed - Over 3 Grams Per Second - 8 Ounce / 240g Hopper Capacity - EU Plug