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Specialty beans from Costa Rica roasted at Heresy by the 2020 Polish Roasting Vice-Champion. Light roast, designed for filter or cup brewing. A profile characterized by high complexity with winy, fruity and caramel notes.

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Chirripó
Producer: rodzina Ureña-Rojas
Farm: Cafe Rivense
Varietal: caturra, catuai
Processing: natural
Alttiude: 1700 m a.s.l.
Harvest: 2023
Cupping score: 87 / 100 pts


First the cherries go through a short pre-drying process. Then they are dried on long African tables under something that looks like your grandparents' foil box on the plot, you know, where they grow tomatoes, cucumbers. Only like seven times longer.


The family business of Mr and Mrs Ureña, where everything runs like Swiss clockwork. We've been going there for three years now and it's a beautiful thing. Vista al Chirripo is the highest plantation on the farm, where a small wooden house stands right next to the trees of this caturra, with windows spanning the highest peak in the country. It cannot be described with words, but if you want to impress someone the most in your life, take that someone right there and wait together for the sunrise over a cup of coffee. Just don't kill the mood with a question about the number of clicks, please.


For the third year in a row, we are buying coffees from Ricardo and his cheerful family team. And for the third year in a row, a lot of El Higueron plot in a jar! A rite of Costa Rican fruity natural: high intensity, winey sweetness, lots of body, even more complexity!
In the cup, a full reflection of the terroir. High, sticky sweetness coming a little from the processing and a little from the variety itself. Quite a lot of complexity, wine notes intertwine with fruit and caramel notes. Round, silky body.


The coffee is packed in a brown jar made of PET, 100% recyclable or reusable. In case you're thinking "oh no, plastic!", bear in mind that standard coffee packaging is also made of plastic (and a few other materials, making it often harder to recycle). We also thought about glass, but it's heavier, more expensive, breakable and, wait for it, has the same or greater (sic!) environmental impact! A plastic jar turns out to be pretty eco-friendly, just remember to put it in the right container, or find a creative way to reuse it at home.
Brand: Heresy
Package: 252 g
Country of origin: Costa Rica
Whole bean / Ground Coffee: Whole bean
Arabica / Robusta: 100% Arabica
Process: Natural
Roast level: light
Brewing method: Pour over (Alternative brewing methods)
Manufacturer's name and address: Heresy & more sp. z o.o. ul. Ks. Jerzego Popiełuszki 11/74 01-595 Warszawa, Polska / Poland
Index: 2101011729
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