Bialetti - Milano - 16 Capsules

Price: €7.00

(including Tax)

Roasting date: 27.09.2015

Expiration date: 27.11.2015

Real Italian coffee in capsules. Bialetti Milano are Italian dark roast coffee. 100% Arabika with the highlighted notes of dried fruit, with a floral aroma and delicate body. 

Dark roast, compatible with Bialetti system capsule coffee machines.

Variety: 100%  Arabika
Roast level: Dark
Flavour notes: Floral, dried fruit; delicate
Body: Delicate
Ean: 8001306965002
Manufacturer: Bialetti
Package: 16 sztuk
Whole bean / Ground Coffee: Capsule
Arabica / Robusta: 50/50
Roast level: dark
Brewing method: Espresso
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
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