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The book with a set of aroma essences from Jean Lenoir is ideal for any coffee lover who wishes to develop their sensory skills. The set can be called a dictionary of aromas.
Jean Lenoir from France is an expert in the field of sensory analysis of wine and coffee. The brand that has been associated with the highest level of experience and knowledge about the organoleptic evaluation for over 30 years. Today, the said knowledge is available at your fingertips for every barista who wants to develop their passion.

The Revelation kit consists of a book and aromas present in coffee. - The book includes very detailed descriptions of 36 flavour present in coffee. The information in the descriptions refers to the comparison of aromas, their possible origin and occurrence in coffee varieties from specific regions. In addition, the book includes a section on the theory of coffee growing and sensory evaluation. All that comes in a compact format, closed in hardcover, included on 117 pages and described in English.

- The essences of aromas are hidden in glass screw-capped bottles. The bottles themselves are labelled with numbers only and the references to them are made in the book and additional booklet. That allows for blind testing without accidental revelation of a bottle contents. The aromas are intense and designed so as to persist for years.

The set is packed in an elegant wooden box filled with foam, with dividers that secure the aromas. Each of the sets manufactured in France includes a certificate with the manually inscribed name of the person who was responsible for the completion of the set.

The aromas in this set include : earth, potato, peas, cucumber, straw, cedar, clove, pepper, coriander seeds, vanilla, tea rose, coffee tree flower, coffee pulp, blackcurrant, lemon, apricot, apple, butter, honey, leather, basmati rice, toast/baked bread, malt, maple syrup, caramel, dark chocolate, roasted almonds, roasted peanuts, roasted hazelnut, walnuts, roasted beef, smoke, tobacco, roasted coffee, aroma of medicines , rubber.
Brand: Jean Lenoir
Index: 0801000020
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