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Set: Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter-In Bottle + Teapigs Tea

Set: Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter-In Bottle + Teapigs Tea
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Perfect set for tea lovers! No need to put the kettle on - this one likes it cold!

- Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter-In Bottle - 300 ml Olive Green: 

Hario Filter-in-Bottle is a new way to prepare delicious and refreshing tea.

Capacity: 300 ml.

The whole success is brewing tea leaves with cold water. Just pour your favourite tea, pour it over with cold water and put the bottle in the fridge. This brewing method allows for smooth and rich flavour without hints of bitterness. The filter in the upper part of the bottle keeps leaves inside for clear infusion.

It is also great for preparing flavoured water -just add your favourite fruit instead of tea leaves.

The bottle is made of Japanese glass with a silicone top.


- teapigs Cucumber & Apple - Cold Brew 10 Tea Bags:

Apple and cucumber cold brew blend by Teapigs! Fruity mix that creates a light, refreshing and healthy drink. This yummy infusion will make drinking water much more enjoyable.

How does it taste?

Light, fruity with a refreshing hint of cucumber.

Good if you're feeling

Thirsty! Or if you just fancy something healthy and delicious!


These tea temples have been specially made to brew in cold water. Genius! Drop the tea temple into your bottle or glass of cold water. The longer you brew it, the fuller the flavour. 7 minutes is the perfect spot!

Ingredients: apple pomace, citric acid, white hibiscus, spirulina, cucumber extract (natural cucumber flavouring), cucumber, natural flavouring (watermelon flavouring).

Dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Brand: Hario
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