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Wilfa Svart Presisjon WSP-2A

Wilfa Svart Presisjon WSP-2A
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Wilfa Presisjon is a Norwegian masterpiece among filter coffee makers. WSP-2A is the second generation of the device.  In comparison to the previous version (WSP-1A), it is characterised by more silent work.

Designed in collaboration with Tim Wendelboe - successful owner of a world-famous leading coffee roaster. Presisjon is a minimalist, elegant form, precise brewing and minimised temperature fluctuations - the top shelf of automatic coffee makers.

Made according to the standards of the prestigious SCAA and SCAE, it impresses with its functionality:

- Appropriate water temperature - 94°C throughout the brewing process. Thanks to that your coffee is neither bitter nor sour.

- Removable water tank - fresh water is an extremely important condition for tasty coffee. With Wilfa you can easily fill the reservoir before brewing.

- Additional scale helps to determine the amount of water - up to 1.25 L.

- Water flow control - experiment with the brewing time.

- The outlet of the filter tank allows for flow control - decide for yourself how long you want to brew.

- It keeps your coffee hot - coffee is heated for 40 minutes after brewing.

- Impressive design - its unique shape and high-quality aluminum make the brewing process pleasing to the eye.

Perfectly compatible with Melitta 1x4 filters.
EAN13: 7044876021755
Brand: Wilfa
Width: 36, 3 cm
Height: 36 cm
Depth: 21,3 cm
Weight: 4,1kg
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