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Espresso Gear - Attento Thermometer - Milk Jug Thermometer

Espresso Gear - Attento Thermometer - Milk Jug Thermometer
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A thermometer for milk frothing jugs in the form of a sticker. Colorful boxes change color under the influence of temperature. It is fast, easy-to-read and durable!

You attach the sticker once and do not need to worry about it - it can stand a lot of washing in a dishwasher. The thermometer shows the temperature from 45 to 70 degrees Celsius in 5-degree increments. The scale is also described in Fahrenheit degrees. Under the influence of temperature, black boxes turn green. The temperature reading is immediate, which is often difficult to achieve in case of traditional thermometers.
EAN13: 7350043134051
Brand: Espresso Gear
Width: 6,8 cm
Height: 1,9 cm
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
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