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BWT Bestmax Premium XL filter cartridge

BWT Bestmax Premium XL filter cartridge
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The BWT Bestmax Premium XL filter cartridge - capacity: up to 5160 liters.* The Cartridges with "AromaPLUS" aromatic formula provide an innovative filtering system of water optimization for catering.

They reduce limescale build-up and total hardness of drinking water and at the same time they protect devices used in catering, eg. coffee machines, espresso machines, vending machines for hot and cold drink, steam cookers, combination ovens or ice makers against limescale build-up. They also improve the taste and flavour of beverages as they remove flavours and aromatic substances such as chlorine. Additionally, they filter water contaminants.

How it works: Water from the network flows through the cartridge. The pre-filter removes particulate matter and activated carbon eliminates odorants and flavourants, such as chlorine. Then, in the ion exchanger, carbonates are removed, the water is treated by activated carbon and filtered. In the filter, there is a bypass mounted so that carbonates are not removed from the predetermined quantity of water. This part of water is filtered only by passing through activated carbon and the protective filter. The decarbonised water and the water from bypass mix at the outlet.

* For the devices without a steam generator - max. temp. is 95 ° C; water hardness: 10d and the bypass is set at level 3.

The filter head is not included.
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