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Lykke tea advent calendar! The packaging is full of secrets, magic and, above all, tea! Give yourself a daily pleasure with an aromatic infusion every December day until Christmas. The package contains 25 sachets with tea bags.

The set includes (ingredients):

- Herbal Rain: Green tea*, lemongrass*, blackberry leaves*, camomile flowers*, peppermint*, anise*, lavender blossoms*, marigold flowers*.

- Green Haze: Green tea*, sweet blackberry leaves*, bucco leaves*, seabuckthorn flakes* (seabuckthorn pulp, rice flour)*, natural peach flavour, natural blackberry flavour, strawberry pieces*, cornflower blossoms*, natural strawberry flavour, marigold flowers*, natural mango flavour.

- Ginger Tronic: Green tea*, ginger* (25%), lemongrass* (10%), natural ginger flavour, natural lemon flavour.

- Mega Fruit: Black tea*, orange peels*, mango pieces* (mango, whole grain rice flour)*, papaya pieces* (papaya, rice flour)*, pineapple chunks* (pineapple, rice flour)*, coconut rasps*, natural peach flavour, seabuckthorn flakes* (seabuckthorn pulp, rice flour)*, natural orange flavour, natural cherry flavour, natural cucumber flavour, cornflower blossoms*, natural lime flavour.

- Earl Okej: Black tea*, natural bergamot flavour* (2,5%), lemon oil*.

- Hej Chai!: Black tea*, cloves*, black pepper*, orange peels*, cinnamon*, cardamom pods*, pink pepper*, natural cocoa-bitter almond flavour, natural spice flavour, natural vanilla flavor, cinnamon bark oil*, natural ginger flavour, natural orange flavor, natural cardamom flavour.

- Feliz: Green rooibos* (protected designation of origin)*, cinnamon*, apple pieces*, orange peels*, cloves*, puffed rice*, cardamom pods*, natural orange flavour (type blood orange), natural orange flavor, natural cocoa-bitter almond flavour, natural cardamom flavour, cinnamon bark oil*.

- Jooibos: Rooibos* (protected designation of origin)*, lemongrass*, dried orange pulp*, lemon verbena leaves* (5%), natural orange flavour, orange oil*, mandarin oil*.

- Swenglish Breakfast: Black tea* from Rwanda.

- Peaching to the Choir: Oolong*, apple pieces*, lemon peels* (4%), natural peach flavour, sweet blackberry leaves*, sea buckthorn pomace*, lemon granulate* (2%), natural lemon flavour, natural lime flavour.

- Triple Tonka: White tea*, green tea*, apple pieces*, coconut rasps*, sweet blackberry leaves*, mango pieces* (mango, whole grain rice flour)* (3%), natural mango flavour, cardamom pods*, marigold flowers*, natural tonka flavour, lemon oil*, flavour, extracted vanilla* (0,5%).

- Pillow Talk: Green tea*, lavender blossoms* (2%), natural lychee flavor, rose petals*, natural currant flavour, natural cherry flavour, natural bergamot flavour.

- Cardamommy: Black tea*, orange peels* (15%), cardamom ground* (3%), cardamom seeds* (2%), natural cardamom flavour, ground tonka beans* (1,5%), orange oil*, natural orange flavour, natural tonka flavour.

- Cocoloong: Oolong*, roasted coconut chips*, coconut rasps*, natural vanilla flavour, natural caramel flavour, natural cocoa-bitter almond flavour.

- Spicy Orange: Black tea*, orange peels*, cloves*, orange oil*. Black Eyed Peach: (ENG) Oolong*, orange peels*, ginger*, liquorice root* (excessive consumption of this product, liquorice, should be avoided if you have high blood pressure), natural peach flavour, natural orange flavour.

- Just Jasmin: Green tea*, jasmine flowers*.

- Sencha Sunrise: Green tea*, apple pieces*, sea buckthorn pomace*, dried orange pulp*, eucalyptus leaves*, natural elderflower flavour, natural orange flavour (type blood orange), mandarin oil*, natural lime flavour.

- Tropicopop: Black tea*, coconut rasps*, Pineapple chunks* (pineapple, rice flour)*, natural peach flavour, natural lychee flavor*, natural elderflower flavour.

- Fruit Pool: Apple pieces*, green tea*, mango pieces* (mango, whole grain rice flour)*, hibiscus*, date dices* (dates, rice flour)*, sweet blackberry leaves*, rose petals*, natural mango flavour, natural peach flavour, natural tonka flavour, natural lychee flavour*.

- Mon Green Cheri: Jasmine tea* (green tea, jasmine flowers)* (56,3%), green tea*, hibiscus*, beetroot*, natural cherry flavour, fennel flavour.

*Controlled organic cultivation.
Brand: Lykke
Loose tea / Tea bags: in bags
Package: 25 saszetek
Manufacturer's name and address: LYKKE KAFFEGÅRDAR Hauptvägen 21 12358 FARSTA Szwecja / Sweden
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
Index: 2206000068
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