Coffee Spots Polska - softcover - Agnieszka Bukowska and Krzysiek Rzyman

Coffee Spots Polska - softcover - Agnieszka Bukowska and Krzysiek Rzyman
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They drove tens of thousands of kilometers, visited 33 cities and over 170 coffee shops, drunk hectolitres of coffee, ate tons of cakes and most of all they met a lot of wonderful people and stories. The COFFEE SPOTS POLSKA guide describes all independent speciality coffee shops in Poland and poses as a reference for coffee knowledge, its origins, processing and brewing methods.

The authors are Agnieszka Bukowska and Krzysiek Rzyman, involved with respectively CoffeeDesk and STOR cafes. They travel a lot and when planning their journeys they always look for local cafes and roasteries. As they emphasise coffee is not only a beverage but also a conversation starter, key to meeting new people and discovering cities from a completely different, non-tourist perspective. The guide COFFEE SPOTS POLSKA, a bilingual publishing in Polish and English, facilitates such journey to all coffee aficionados from Poland and abroad.

In Poland there are over 170 places serving highest quality coffee and preparing it using pour over methods of brewing. Dripper, chemex, siphon not only look amazing but also allows to extract what is best from coffee.

The guide describes coffee shops throughout Poland, from Szczecin to Gołdap located at the Kaliningrad boarded, from Gdynia to Zakopane. It comes as no surprise that majority of them is located in Warsaw, with Poznań and Cracow right after. However there is plenty of smaller cities which can  surprise as well. The slowest cafe, where you can also hide for a couple of days is in Bieszczady, and one of the most inspiring in an old photo shop in Racibórz close to the Czech border. The guide, apart from practical info such as opening hours, equipment in use and available methods of brewing also describes the cafe owner’s story.

COFFEE SPOTS POLSKA is a true source of reference about speciality coffee. Experts from Poland and abroad contributed to the project by writing a chapter on countries of coffee origin, processing or brewing methods. The authors are Maciej Duszak - Poland Brewers Champion, Krzysztof Barabosz - Co-founder of Hard Beans roastery, Marcin Rzońca - blog author, Kuba Świątek - Head Barista and trainer and Scott Tedder - green coffee buyer and Berlin’s Bonanza Coffee roaster. It is also important how coffee is served, of which reminds us Małgorzata Minta, a journalist and blogger in her piece on Polish porcelain. Additionally, Areta Szupra, an activist, convinces that #suckingsucks and encourages cafe owners to switching to zero waste.

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