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Dafi - Omega 4l LED Water Pitcher + 1 Unimax Filters - White

Dafi - Omega 4l LED Water Pitcher + 1 Unimax Filters - White
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Dafi Omega is a universal jug for filtering tap water. The filter removes chlorine and its derivatives, as well as other substances that disrupt the smell and taste of tap water, and at the same time does not demineralize it, making it excellent for drinking, brewing and cooking. It is a great substitute for bottled water - save money and protect the environment!


The jug is made of durable plastic - no worries about breaking it. The material is 100% safe, free of harmful Bisphenol A and approved for contact with water. The total capacity of 4 litres allows you to filter 2 liters of water at a time.


The lid protects water against dust and has a slide filling openings that allows you to refill water conveniently without removing the lid. The jug cover is also equipped with LED indicator so you will not forget to change the filter.


The efficiency of the Unimax filter is up to 150 - 200 litres of water (depending on water quality). This is a huge financial saving compared to buying disposable bottles. Moreover, you do not have to carry heavy water packs, and the jug itself takes up much less space than a few bottles. In addition, filtered water prevents deposits from accumulating on the heating elements of household equipment. Last but not least, by reducing the use of disposable bottles you are more eco-friendly!

Unimax Filter

The filter capacity is 150 - 200 liters of water or a month of use. The filter contains activated carbon that removes chlorine and its derivatives, as well as other substances that disrupt the taste and smell of tap water. It also contains an ion exchange resin that removes heavy metals (i.e. lead or copper) while reducing water hardness.

The Dafi filter also fits Brita Maxtra, Real Quality and Tarrington House jugs.

Filtration stages:

1. The top filter cover traps mechanical impurities. Appropriately designed, it ensures proper circulation of water undergoing filtration.

2. The filter mesh retains the suspension or sediment in the water, e.g. foam, fat.

3. The ion exchange resin removes some heavy metals from the water, allows to capture compounds responsible for boiler scale. As a result, the water is softened and no cloudy sediment appears in the tea.

4. Activated carbon reduces chlorine and organic compounds found in tap water. It removes unpleasant odors and also improves the taste.

5. The lower cover with a microporous structure carries out mechanical filtration again, ensuring the highest purity of water.
EAN13: 5900950928834
Brand: Dafi
Colour: white
Capacity: 4 l
Width: 15 cm
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
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