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Hoop Coffee Brewer is a coffee dripper created by the Italian brand Ceado. The unique design of the brewer ensures even coffee extraction, facilitating proper coffee brewing and simplifying the brewing process. As a result, it is an ideal solution for novice enthusiasts of pour-over brewing methods, but it also leaves room for experimentation for more advanced users. Hoop is made of lightweight and durable plastic, making it perfect as a home coffee brewer, but it is also easy to take with you on a trip.

Ease of use

Hoop is a simple design consisting of two elements, an outer loop and a flow tower. To prepare the dripper for brewing, simply insert a paper filter into the outer loop, screw on the flow tower, rinse the filter with water, and place the brewer on top of a mug. Brewing coffee itself is effortless: just pour ground coffee into the flow tower and hot water into the outer loop - after about 5 minutes, the brew will be ready.

The manufacturer recommends using a maximum of 20 grams of coffee, which allows for brewing approximately 300 ml of brew - the dripper will be perfect for preparing a single serving of coffee. The Hoop comes with a pack of 100 filters, but it is also compatible with AeroPress filters. The inner part of the dripper's base has a diameter of 6.9 cm - it can be conveniently placed on a vessel with a diameter of approximately 7.5 to 10.2 cm.

Exceptionally even coffee extraction

The uniqueness of the brewer stems from its design - water flows into the flow tower through evenly distributed holes in its walls. As a result, the ground coffee is evenly poured over and there is no by-pass, providing even extraction and allowing the full flavour to be extracted. There is no need to use a kettle with a gooseneck spout or to slowly pour water over the coffee - simply pour water into one spot, and it will flow into the appropriate places at the right pace. However, this does not mean that Hoop restricts  experimentation - you can change the proportions of water and coffee, the pouring speed, and much more.

Material and maintenance

All elements of the Hoop dripper are made of lightweight, durable plastic, making it suitable not only for home use but also as a travel brewer. The material used is food-safe, BPA-free. Hoop is also easy to clean - it is dishwasher-safe, and its shape allows access to every nook.

The product won the SCA: Best New Product award in the Consumer coffee preparation & serving equipment category.

Brand: Ceado
Colour: black
Material: plastic
Diameter: 13,2 cm
Index: 2501010084
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