VSSL - JAVA - Hand Coffee Grinder

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JAVA is a hand coffee grinder by VSSL. It is a perfect solution for both beginners and experienced coffee lovers. JAVA can handle both filter and espresso coffee grinding. As VSSL specializes in outdoor equipment, JAVA is a great travel solution. It features a precise stainless steel burr, a convenient grind adjustment and durable materials.


Burr and grinding

JAVA is equipped witha stainless steel conical burr and two ball bearing - all that provides precise grinding and proper stabilisation. The coarseness is adjusted with a dial situated above the burr, which makes setting quick and easy. The dial is divided into 8 numbers with additional points inbetween, which altogether makes 50 steps per full rotation. The capacity of the hopper is about 20 grams.


VSSL JAVA is solid and made of high-quality materials. Aircraft grade 6061 aluminium alloy body is sleek and durable. The size makes it a great grinder for both travel and home use - its height is 15.3 cm, diameter 5.1 cm and weight 396 grams. Its signature clip-and-flip carabiner to grind handle enables you to attach JAVA to a backpack. Designed and manufactured in Canada.


VSSL JAVA is recommended for every brewing method - both pour-over and espresso. It is perfect for espresso, AeroPress, moka pots, drippers, Chemex, syphon, filter coffee machines, French Presses, and cold brew.

The grinder is easy to disassemble and clean (brush is included). 

Signature clip-and-flip carabiner to grind handle - attach the grinder to a backpack and extend the handle for grinding.
Professional stainless steel burr grinder ensures a smoother slice so your beans never mulch.
Two high-grade mini radial ball bearing sets providing stabilisation.
Compact brush that stores easily in the grind catch.
Magnetized hand grip knob that can be stored in the grounds container.
50 unique grind settings to achieve the ideal consistency of grind to match your chosen brew method
Screw on gring catch.

Manufacturer: VSSL
Colour: czarny / miedziany
Material: aluminum
Grinder type: manual
Burr type: steel
Height: 15,3 cm
Diameter: 5,1 cm
Weight: 396 g
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
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