Maybe this is what bothers those of us who do everything in their power to stay thin and healthy… How many calories are in coffee? Nowadays we are bombarded with the mainstream narrative that perfect shape is all you need to be happy. So here we are to calm the nerves of those of you who got whipped up into this weight loss frenzy.

First, it is worthwhile to go against the current. You need neither to lose nor not to lose weight just because everybody say so. Everybody should take care of themselves, give up the pursuit of temporary and illusionary happiness, read more books (and also this blog ;)) and simply chill out.

However, just for pure satisfaction and simply to satisfy our curiosity we will unveil the mystery of the nutritional value of coffee!

Black coffee: always the best choice

Some of you may find it shocking, the others obvious, but coffee is 99% water. As you know, water has no calories and a plain cup of coffee has only 1.5 calories in a 300ml pour-over or 1.7 calories in a single espresso. In comparison, this corresponds to 1.3 grams of berries and is less than a handful of mint tic tacs.
As you know, water has no calories and a plain cup of coffee has only 1.5 calories in a 300ml pour-over and 1.7 calories in a single espresso.

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What is fattening in coffee?

The problem with calories in coffee starts when we begin putting in it all kinds of additions. From sugar, through cow or non-dairy milk, to all sorts of syrups and chocolates. Here things get complicated, because every coffee shop uses slightly different ratios.

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For the purpose of this article, I attach my own research conducted in part in Coffeedesk in Kołobrzeg, in part on the Internet. It will give you a general understanding of how many calories coffee has.

Milk coffees and coffee additions calorie table


Cappuccino from a single espresso: around 40 kcal

Latte from a double espresso, 1.5% milk: around 80 kcal

Latte from a double espresso, Dinkel plant milk: around 114 kcal

Two teaspoons of a popular spicy Chai Latte that you add to latte: 46 kcal

40ml of coffee syrup: 132 kcal

Two teaspoons of white sugar: 39 kcal

Two teaspoons of brown sugar: 38 kcal

Two teaspoons of xylitol: 34 kcal

Two teaspoons of stevia: 39 kcal

Health effects

Drinking one latte with any kind of milk equals eating 1/5 of a bar of chocolate or one average-sized apple. Obviously, nothing is black or white, and calories are not everything; you also need to bear in mind the nutritional value and effects.

Black coffee reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and boosts your memory. It is good for the liver and can increase your physical ability during workout, provided that you drink it straight.

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As you know milk and sugar used to be put in coffee to compensate for the imperfect taste of the beans. Today, you can achieve a sweet and well-balanced taste without such additions. In the third wave, the coffee world focuses on quality and taste with no unnecessary additions.

So if you want to make the most out of your coffee and, moreover, eat two pieces of cake instead of one, try good black coffee and appreciate its taste without any distractions.