2012 World of Coffee expo in Vienna was when we first saw Hario Drip Scale, which was premiering that day. Everyone wanted to have one of those. First ever coffee scale with a built-in stopper? It revolutionized all the speciality cafes market, enabling them to finally let go of all the additional timers while brewing dripper coffee.

Three years after Drip Scale had its premiere, Hario dropped a brand new thing – Hario Metal Drip Scale. Is it better than its predecessor? Let’s find out!

Hario drip scale, hario metal drip scale


Both scales have identical parameters:


– between 2g, and 200g the range is +/- 0,2g

– between 200g, and 500g the range is +/- 1g

– between 500g, and 2000g the range is +/- 3g


–  maximum load 2000g

– display: 2-200g: 0,1g; 200-500g: 0,5g; 500-2000g: 1g

– maximum timer time: 99 minutes 59 seconds

– accuracy in room temperature (20 C) +/- 0,0026%

– stabilization time: 3 seconds

– automatic shutdown: after 5 minutes

hario scale

Time comparison (average time from 10 measurements):


– Metal Drip Scale: 4,54 sec

– Drip Scale: 4,80 sec


– Metal Drip Scale: 1,36 sec

– Drip Scale: 1,40 sec


– Metal Drip Scale: immediate

– Drip Scale: immediate


– Metal Drip Scale: 1,20 sec

– Drip Scale: 1,46 sec


– Metal Drip Scale: 1,28 sec

– Drip Scale: 1,34 sec

hario drip scale

Is the weighing the same?


hario drip scale

As easily noticeable, when it comes to timing the difference is insignificant. A skilled barista will notice that the new scale is just slightly quicker than the previous one when it comes to reaction time.

Let’s look at other aspects.

The metal scale seems more durable. Also, the stainless steel coating not only looks very nice but makes the scale more resistant when it comes to high temperatures, resulting in a more believable and accurate outcomes.

The upgraded version has a no-slip rubbers at the bottom, which helps with keeping the scale pretty stationary and not dancing all around the countertops (yes, that happens). The body design allows to place the scale up the wall once not used, hence saving you come space.

As you can see in the photos above, the upper part can be easily dismantled and, say, washed under a tap if need be.

I think by now you probably noticed the difference in displays. The only thing left to say is that the new model has a LED backlight, allowing you to see the screen properly even in the dark.

Last but most likely biggest difference between the two scales is the battery. The old one is powered with two AAA batteries, while the new one has a built-in battery that you charge with a USB charger. 4 hours is perfectly sufficient to have the scale working for another 80 hours. Sounds like you will never need to run to your nearest store to get batteries mid-brewing!

To sum up

The new Hario V60 Metal Drip Scale is definitely a great choice if you want a breath of fresh air on your cafe counter. It may not be as quick and agile as Acaia or Bonavita, it does not have a wi-fi module that connects to your phone and does not paint a chart in a connected app, but it is very aesthetically pleasing, durable and not too expensive.