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Hario - Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

Hario - Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher
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Hario pitcher designed for cold brew. Wondering what cold brew is? Cold brew is coffee prepared by soaking ground beans in cold water for several hours. Coffee brewed this way has very delicate flavour, with low bitterness and can be stored for several days.


The jug is simple, elegant, and made of high-quality materials. It consists of a glass jug, stainless steel spout with a lid, and a stainless steel filter. Fine filter holds the grounds inside, which results in a clear brew. The maintenance is easy, as the filter can be taken out. The glass part and the spout are made in Japan, while the filter is made in China. Practical capacity is 1000 ml.

How to prepare the brew?

To prepare Cold Brew, simply pour 5 - 6 g of ground coffee into the filter respectively for every 100 ml of cold water. To brew a full jug, pour 60g of coffee into the filter and add 1000ml of cold water. Refrigerate the jug for 8 - 20 hours (we recommend experimenting with brewing time). Done!
Brand: Hario
Capacity: 1 l
Height: 31 cm
Diameter: 10,3 cm
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
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