Johan & Nyström - Kenya Kiringa AA Washed Filter 250g

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Roasting date: 06.12.2022

Expiration date: 06.06.2023

Whole-bean specialty coffee from Kenya roasted by Johan & Nyström roastery from SwedenLight roast, perfect for filter coffee machines, drippers, Chemex, AeroPress, French Press and other pour-over brewing methods. The flavour shows the notes of blackberry, brown sugar, and red currant.

Country: Kenya
Region: Kirinyaga
Producer: Long Miles Coffee
Washing station: Njowa
Altitude: 1600 m a.s.l.
Varietal: SL28, SL34
Processing: Washed
Manufacturer: Johan & Nyström
Package: 250 g
Country of origin: Kenya
Whole bean / Ground Coffee: Whole bean
Arabica / Robusta: 100% Arabica
Process: Washed
Roast level: light
Brewing method: Pour over (Alternative brewing methods)
Manufacturer's name and address: Johan & Nystrom Kafferostare Tehandlare Hamringevagen 1 14641 Tullinge, Sweden / Szwecja
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
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