Just T - The Tumeric Ginger Treasure - Loose Tea 125g (outlet)

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Expiration date: 08.10.2022

lmmerse yourself in the world of superfood! ln Turmeric Ginger Treasure, ginger and lemon combine with the trendy spice curcuma, considered the "spice of lile". This herbal infusion is a spicy, fresh treasure, that brings positive energy to your body and mind. Spice up your life!

Brewing method: boiling water; 5 - 6 minutes.

Ingredients: rosehip seeds*, ginger* 30 %, lemon myrtle*, liquorice root*, peppermint*, lemon oil*, turmeric* 2%, lemon balm*, lemon peel*, galgant*, lemongrass*
*certified organic.

Just T is a series of high-quality teas. Every JUST T blend is organic and in addition also certified with one further sustainable certification such as Rainforest Alliance, UTZ or Fairtrade. AII products are packed and produced in Europe - the packaging is biodegradable. The owners are passionate about our mission and proud to make a transparent contribution to the sustainable future of the environment and of the tea farmers worldwide. Together with the consumers they take responsibility to make the world a better place for next generations. What you get is a combination of quality, fair trade and sustainability is what drives us.
Tea type: herbal
Loose tea / Tea bags: loose
Package: 125 g
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
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