Department of Brewology - Refractometer Pin (outlet)

Price: €9.29

(including Tax)
Combining love for good design and speciality coffee, Department of Brewology created a series of extraordinary, iconic coffee-themed pins! They look fabulous on T-shirts, dresses, aprons and all the other apparel you can possibly think of. Pin one or more to your bag or backpack and express yourself with this absolute must-have coffee gadget of the season!

Known to a rather narrow circle of coffee lovers, refractometer is a very peculiar device. If measuring the TDS in your coffee is your thing, add this pin to your collection. Don't have a collection yet? What are you still waiting for, go start one!

Size: 2,54 CM

This pin is made from soft enamel embedded on a shiny silver nickel. It sports a single post with metal butterfly clutch.
Manufacturer: Department of Brewology
Height: 2,5 cm
Shipping within: 24 - 48 hours
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