Coffee Globetrotter Set: Brazil + Ethiopia + Myanmar + Cupping Spoon

Coffee Globetrotter Set: Brazil + Ethiopia + Myanmar + Cupping Spoon
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The Globetrotter Set consists of coffee from various parts of the world and a Rhinowares cupping spoon.

The origin of coffee is strongly associated with its flavour. That is why this set is a perefct way to spot the differences in beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Burma, countries located on three different continents. No matter if you are a novice coffee lover still searching for your preferences, or a coffeehead who values the quality - this set of speciality coffees is for you. We have picked omniroasts - medium roasted beans that work for all brewing methods: filter coffee makers, drippers, Chemex, AeroPress as well as espresso machines and moka pots. The kit also includes a cupping spoon that will allow you to professionally taste each coffee! Have a good slurp!

Package: 3 x 250g

The set includes:

- SIMPLo - Brazil Aguas de Marco - coffee beans 250g:

Roasted in Warsaw by SIMPLo. The flavour is loaded with sweetness, especially resembling caramel, nuts, and stone fruit - plum and nectarine. You can also add some milk to bring out the nutiness.
Country: Brazil
Region: Minas
Altitude: 1150 - 1350 m a.s.l.
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Pulped natural

- 3fe - Ethiopia Ana Sora Washed - coffee beans 250g:

Roasted by 3fe (Third Floor Espresso) roastery from Ireland. Fruity, with pleasant acidity. You can expect the hints of lemon, white sugar and black tea.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Guji (Sidamo)
Farm: Ana Sora
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed

- Cloud Picker - Myanmar Southern Shan - coffee beans 250g:

Roasted by Cloud Picker roastery from Ireland. Tea-like and sweet. You can expect the notes of a orange blossom, darjeeling tea and cane sugar.
Country: myanmar
Altitude: 1280 m a.s.l.
Variety: Catuai, S795
Process: Washed

- Rhinowares Cupping Spoon:

If you are cupping regularly or running cupping sessions then you will understand how important it is to have a good quality cupping spoon. It's not just the finish, weight and feel, it's also having good curvature and depth to permit effecting skimming from the top of the cup.
Package: 3 x 250g
Whole bean / Ground Coffee: Whole bean
Arabica / Robusta: 100% Arabica
Roast level: medium
Brewing method: Pour over and espresso
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