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Set: Gran Gaggia Coffee Machine + Melitta Grinder + Caffe Vergnano Coffee

Set: Gran Gaggia Coffee Machine + Melitta Grinder + Caffe Vergnano Coffee
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A set every coffee lover will appreciate! Gran Gaggia Deluxe coffee machine, Melitta Molino coffee grinder and delicious Caffe Vergnano coffee beans.

- Gran Gaggia - Viva Deluxe Black: 

Gran Gaggia Viva Deluxe is a manual coffee machine for home use. Compact size, classic design, milk frother and a 15-bar pump - a perfect way to get a smooth espresso and milk coffees at home.

Apart from the basic features (Viva Style model), this model has got stainless steel elements and a heated cup holder.


- Stainless Steel Body - Classic design, durability, ease of cleaning.

- Heated Cup Holder - Warm cups = Coffee served at the right temperature. 

- 15-bar Pump - Pumps the water through the ground coffee at high pressure to ensure better-tasting crema-topped espressos

- Milk Frother - Milk foam is just a matter of seconds! Cappuccinos will become your favourite!

- 1-litre Water Tank - No need to fill it after every use! 

- Economic for Daily Use - All compartments are directly accessible for maximum convenience – whether that’s refilling with water or ground coffee or emptying the filter or drip tray.

- Ground Coffee and Pod - Gaggia’s manual machines come with a coffee filter for 1 & 2 cups of ground coffee, and a special filter for ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods.

- Shut-off Mode - After 9 minutes of inactivity, the machine shuts down automatically.

- The portafilter fits 43mm tampers

- Melitta Molino - Automatic Grinder - Red / Black:

Melitta Molino is an automatic burr coffee grinder for beginners. It is compact and enables you to grind coffee for various brewing methods with a click of a button.

Grind adjustment with 17 settings

The Melitta Molino® allows you to set your individual grinding degree with a total of 17 settings. The grinding settings go from 1 (very fine) to 17 (very coarse, depending on the brewing method. The adjustment ring is located on the side of the grinder.
Coffee quantity settings for 2 - 14 cups

The rotary switch for setting the number of cups makes it easy to choose the right amount of the ground coffee - between 2 and 14 cups of coffee.
200g bean container

The Melitta Molino bean container has a removable lid and is easy to fill with a maximum 200g of coffee beans.
Steel flat disc burr

Flat steel burr makes grinding quick and easy. The upper part of the burr is removable, which makes the cleaning convenient.
Automatic switch off

Grinding starts at the push of a button. As soon as grinding is finished, the Melitta Molino switches off automatically.
Easy to clean

Thanks to individual parts which are removable (removable grinding disc, removable coffee grounds container, and removable bean container lid) the Melitta Molino is quick and easy to clean after use.



- Caffe Vergnano - Gran Aroma - Coffee Beans 500g: 

Caffe Vergnano Gran Aroma dark roast coffee beans from Italy. Arabika and Robusta blend with rich and intense flavour. Tastes great as a black coffee, as well as with milk.
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