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Set: Melitta Coffee Machine + Melitta Molino Automatic Grinder + Johan & Nyström Coffee

Set: Melitta Coffee Machine + Melitta Molino Automatic Grinder + Johan & Nyström Coffee
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Perfect set for the fans of good, homemade filter coffee. Melitta filter coffee machine, Melitta Molino automatic grinder and Sumatra Gayo coffee from Johan & Nystrom.

- Melitta Look V Timer Filter Coffee Machine - Black:

Melitta Look V Timer is a modern filter coffee brewer for home and office use. With the LOOK® Timer it will also be possible in future to plan your coffee indulgence! Simply prepare the water, Melitta® coffee filter and coffee, set the time and then relax and enjoy a really good coffee at the time you want it!
  • Practical Timer Feature
The timer feature with LED display gives you seductive coffee enjoyment when you want it. Programme a time for your coffee machine to start brewing and allow yourself (for example) to be woken up with the smell of fresh coffee. The appliance switches on automatically at the time you set.
  • AromaSelector
With the patented AromaSelector® from Melitta® you can set the taste of your coffee with just one touch – mild or strong. So that you can always enjoy your favourite coffee just the way you like it – a strong pick-me-up in the morning and a gentle feel good coffee in the afternoon. The AromaSelector® ensures you constantly get the best taste, really conveniently without changing the amounts of water or coffe.
  • Other features
• Keep warm function (20, 40 or 60 minutes)
• Automatic switch-off
• 10 cups (1.25 litre)
• Melitta® 1x4® filter compatible
• Power: 1.080 W

- Melitta Molino Automatic Grinder Red / Black:

Melitta Molino is an automatic burr coffee grinder for beginners. It is compact and enables you to grind coffee for various brewing methods with a click of a button.
  • Grind adjustment with 17 settings
settings. The grinding settings go from 1 (very fine) to 17 (very coarse, depending on the brewing method. The adjustment ring is located on the side of the grinder.
  • Coffee quantity settings for 2 - 14 cups
The rotary switch for setting the number of cups makes it easy to choose the right amount of the ground coffee - between 2 and 14 cups of coffee.
  • Automatic switch off
Grinding starts at the push of a button. As soon as grinding is finished, the Melitta Molino switches off automatically.

- Johan & Nyström Sumatra Gayo Mountain Fairtrade - Coffee beans 500g:

Sumatra Gayo Mountain comes from the province of Ache located in the northern part of Sumatra. This is dark roasted coffee with the intense aroma of spices and fresh figs. Its rich, well-balanced flavour will satisfy even the most demanding palate.

This coffee comes from Koptan Gayo Megah Bersiri cooperative, which currently has 545 members. The cooperative started to operate in January 2012 and, as soon as in November of the same year, it received the full status of an organic coffee producer and Fair Trade certificate.

Origin: Indonesia (Sumatra)
Region: Aceh
Producer: Permata Gayo Cooperative
Altitude: 1300 m above sea level.
Variety: Caturra, Ateng, Jember Typica
Process: Natural
Brand: Melitta
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